General Information


The DGIE issues two categories of residence permits: Temporary residence permit and Permanent residence permit


To the applicants applying for residence permit for the first time, grace period is 15 days upon arrival in the country. After that period, penalties will be applied, immediately as stipulated by the law.

A grace period of 5 days after a permit has expired ,is allowed for a person to either depart or renew the permit without a penalty; otherwise, the person will be subjected to a penalty and a permit extension may be denied.

Diploma, Police Clearance, Marriage certificate and Birth Certificate, should be officially translated in English or French. Police Clearance should be original only.

 Immigration officers to certify a copy of other documents if the applicant is in possession of original documents.  

EAC citizens do not pay for resident permit

A work permit holder has the right to change employers during the period of validity of the work permit, but he/she is required to inform the office of the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration in writing. While renewing the permit, he/she is required to present a resignation letter or termination letter from the previous employer.

Investors/Entrepreneurs before applying for residence permits, are advised to contact the Field Inspection and Law enforcement department of DGIE, to arrange for a field visit. 

The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration may request the applicants to submit any other document when deems necessary for more information and clarification. 

Permit fees

These are fees for processing of applications. If the application is denied or withdrawn by the applicant.The refund  will not be made

For more clarifications contact the following 

Mrs. Enid MBABAZI: (for applicants at Head Office)

Mobile phone: +250 722177437


Clients services

Mobile phone: +250 722174611 


 When a client is not satisfied with services rendered, he/she may contact

Mr. Richard MURARA, Director of Visotors and Residence 

Mobile phone: +250 722179386