Travel Assistance Information for Rwandans Travelling Abroad


General information

• Check if your travel document is valid at least for six months, if not contact (tel: +250 788 152 222, email: , WhatsApp: +250 722 180 218). If you are outside the country coming top Rwanda, you can write to us to confirm that you get a new passport once in the country and you will be allowed entry.

• It is recommended to write (with pencil to be able to edit in case of any change) names and address of your contact person in the page of emergence contacts in your Travel Document.

• Verify if you meet the visa requirements of your country of destination. If no information available, we can be of help by contacting us at

• Check if you have your yellow fever vaccination card. It is always advised to carry yellow fever vaccination certificate even if the country you are traveling to in not endemic. You can attach the card on the passport or put it in the passport holder to avoid forgetting it.

• Check if you have your air ticket (return air ticket is always recommended). Some countries will not allow you entry with a single journey ticket.

• Remember to be at the Airport at least two hours before departure. Most airlines opens check in counters 2 hours before flight departure. This will reduce stress which is very important if you have a long journey ahead. You can chat with your family, friends or finish pending work while you finished check in.

• Remember to check in your luggage if any. Check the final destination on your luggage tag before leaving check in counter.

• In case of loss of passport or identity card while outside the country: Declare the loss to a nearby police station. Then contact a Rwanda mission near you for an emergency travel document back home. Rwandan embassies issue emergency travel document in case of travel document loss, it is issued free of charge.

• In case of illness or accident: inform if you have any medical exceptions; inform, on request of the person concerned, his relatives or other persons; check coverage and insurance benefits.

• Whenever you travel with a pet, it is highly advised to carry the identification indicating ownership of the pet.

• The pet is required to be accompanied by an international Veterinary certificate signed by official veterinarian from the Rwanda Animal Resources Development Authority.

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