Diplomatic e-passport


The diplomatic e-passport is issued to high ranking officials in the country or to those representing Rwanda abroad and others as may be specified by the ministerial order. 

All applications are submitted through IREMBO platform: 

* The applicant can approach IREMBO agent, or do it himself to access the platform

* The applicant is notified by the officer of the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE), through SMS, to come at DGIE to give his biometrics (the 10 fingerprints and the digital photo)

* The day following the biometrics capture, DGIE notifies the applicant to come and pick the passport


Copy of National ID

* One recently taken colored passport size photo with white background

* A recommendation letter issued by MOFA or Cabinet resolutions

* Appointment letter

* Payment of 50,000RFW

* Click here to apply

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