Welcome to the Rwanda Trade Information Portal, a trade facilitation platform implemented by Rwanda Revenue Authority under the supervision of the National Trade Facilitation Committee. 


The trade information Portal has been developed to fulfill the Trade Facilitation Agreement’s Article 1 which requires Member States to publish their trade procedures online, displaying them step-by-step, with contact information on enquiry points, fees and access to forms. 

It provides traders with transparent information on trade procedures and the Government with a tool to measure the impact of the trade facilitation reforms decided by the National Trade Facilitation Committee.

The development of the Trade Information Portal was made possible with support from TradeMark East Africa and technical assistance from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and
International Trade Centre. 

Contact information

Rwanda Revenue Authority

KG 4 Axe 8

P. O. Box 3987

Email 1: reswteam@rra.gov.rw

Email 2:  info@rra.gov.rw

Phone 1: 0788185673

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